APPR Process for Requesting Ratings and Scores

APPR - Process for Requesting
Teacher and Principal Ratings and Scores

APPR Plan 3012D Approved 2/15/17

APPR Rating & Score Release Process 2017-2018

School District APPR Score Request Form

Unfortunately, we cannot honor oral requests.  The School District may request additional verification such as licenses or other photo identification to verify that the person requesting the information is the parent or legal guardian of the student. In the case of legal guardians, the School District will require proof of guardianship (e.g. court orders, etc.). The status of the requesting person will be verified against other information concerning the student in the possession of the School District (e.g. information or documents submitted at the time of registration) and the requesting person will be notified once their request has been verified and approved.

Once the request is approved, an appointment with the Superintendent will be arranged.  At the meeting the rating and score will be verbally provided.  At this same meeting, the parent or guardian will also receive the required explanation regarding the rating and score to best understand them in the context of teacher evaluation and student performance.  In the event a parent or guardian is unable to meet in person, they may receive the information verbally by phone.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact Dr. Jennifer Steimle, Superintendent of Schools.