Our address is…

10 Gray Ave., Greenwich, NY 12834

Once in the village of Greenwich you will be on County Route 29 which is Main Street.

There is only one traffic light in the middle of town
(not counting the lights at the shopping plazas before town when approaching from the west)…

When you reach this traffic signal…

– from the west, turn left / from the east, turn right on to Salem St.

– quickly BEAR LEFT on to Washington Square

– turn RIGHT at the stop sign on to Church St.

– then immediately LEFT on to Woodlawn Ave.

…you’ll see our Middle Grade building, green digital sign and the campus entrance a short distance in front of you.

– bear LEFT while facing the digital sign to enter campus


If you enter our address into your GPS you’ll most likely end up
past the front of the Middle Grade and continuing on Gray Avenue
(the red circle with the ‘X’ below is technically 10 Gray Ave.)

Instead of following Gray Ave. as it bears to the right,
when you approach the campus entrance (again, facing our Middle Grade building and digital sign)

turn LEFT – remaining on Woodlawn Ave. then proceed to your desired destination (see map below)