Students to Attend Sweethearts & Heroes

Students to Attend Sweethearts & Heroes
Posted on 03/19/2024

Greenwich, NY, students will activate HOPE with Sweethearts & Heroes: 3/26

An amazing duo of superheroes without capes will be in Greenwich to show students and educators how they can spread HOPE (Hold On, Possibilities Exist) in their classrooms and beyond.

Tom Murphy and Rick Yarosh, of Sweethearts & Heroes, will work in the Greenwich Central School District on Tuesday, March 26. Sweethearts & Heroes is a student empowerment and empathy activation team that aims to prevent hopelessness and bullying with a focus on the basic components of social-emotional learning.

The Sweethearts & Heroes team is: Tom Murphy, Director and Founder, of St. Albans, VT; Ret. U.S. Army Sgt. Rick Yarosh, a Purple Heart recipient, HOPE expert and motivational speaker from New York who was burned severely while serving in Iraq; and Pat Fish, BRAVE and Circle Leader. (For more on Circle:


Dr. Jennifer Steimle, Greenwich School Superintendent said, “We are very excited to reignite what we believe in at Greenwich. It is our goal to promote kindness to and for all during this day of workshops. We want every student and staff member to walk away from this day reminded that we all matter.”

Murphy said, “We’re coming to Greenwich to cultivate compassion and empathy. We aim to stop students from making destructive decisions and help them treat each other with kindness. We also make our messages sustainable in schools, so that they have an eventual and sustainable impact on the local community. The spider web effect is powerful and incredible.”

To ensure this sustainability, Sweethearts & Heroes created The HOPE Classroom, a digital subscription service designed for various grade levels and different school sizes.

This value-packed offering can allow Sweethearts & Heroes to be in every school in the U.S. For more information visit:

For more than 16 years, Sweethearts & Heroes has presented what Murphy calls “‘the ‘stop, drop and roll’ of bullying'" to more than 2.5 million students in school districts from New England to Hawaii and north into Canada. Sweethearts & Heroes also tailors its presentations and workshops for businesses, nonprofits and civic groups. Murphy said, “We go where we’re needed. That’s what heroes do.”

In 2021, Sweethearts & Heroes released 13 Pillows For Affective Teachers, a novel that covers the themes of HOPE, Empathy and Action in the Sweethearts & Heroes curriculum. 13 Pillows is based on real students and teachers that Sweethearts & Heroes has encountered. Murphy cowrote the book with Brian McKeon, of New York. 13 Pillows is available on Amazon. Digital or printed copies are available upon request. The audiobook is on Audible. (On Facebook:

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