Highlights from Sweethearts and Heroes

Highlights from Sweethearts and Heroes
Posted on 03/26/2024


Today was an incredible day at Greenwich Central School District! Our students had age-appropriate assemblies with Sweethearts and Heroes, a remarkable social and emotional wellness team.

Sweethearts & Heroes brings the power of HOPE and ACTION into schools and communities, focusing on teaching vital human skills. Their mission is to cultivate empathy and compassion in our youth while empowering them to become young Sweethearts & Heroes themselves. Through leadership roles and bystander empowerment, they are shaping a generation of compassionate leaders.

We're grateful for the invaluable lessons and inspiration they shared with our students today. Let's continue spreading kindness and making a positive impact together!

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'How a change in perspective impacts us' video clips...

Clip 1      Clip 2

'A little HOPE goes a long way' video clips...

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