8th Grade WWII Newspaper Projects

8th Grade WWII Newspaper Projects
Posted on 04/01/2024


From Robin Bristol: Following our Anne Frank Unit, The 8th grade English students have been working on reading a variety of WWII Historical Fiction novels in Book Clubs for over a month now. Students also learned about this topic at the same time in Allison Brew’s 8th grade Social Studies classes.

The culminating summative assessment was to work together to create a newspaper (since that was the primary form of communication for news during that time period) that was about the characters, events, and/or historical information from the book. Each student also had to complete an “other” task such as a word search, comic, opinion piece, letter to the editor, or an advertisement.

Students were required to work together to come up with a reading calendar for their group and to brainstorm and assign the newspaper topics. Students also made observations about newspapers by looking a real print papers.

Today marked the end of the newspaper projects and students shared their articles and “other” tasks with each other.

Below are a few pictures of some of the comics and kids sharing their work. After I review the finished newspapers, I can share one or two of them so that you can see the finished product.

They all worked really hard and also learned a lot of “soft skills” related to working in a group setting and being accountable to contribute and participate.

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