pic of Sunshine shop

The Greenwich Junior Senior Highschool HOPE club is opening the Sunshine Shop in room 109 of the high school building starting next week. The Sunshine Shop is a FREE clothing and supply store where students can shop for gently used, new-to-you clothes. It will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. 

Clothing waste is a huge environmental issue, so in addition to providing a place for all kids to "shop" for clean, gently used clothing, the Sunshine Shop will also be a space where people can pass clothes along to others instead of throwing them away. Thrifting is currently trendy among teens, with lots of influencers advocating to have clothing swaps and find treasures at cool thrift stores, so HOPE club members are working to capture that feeling while providing a fun place for kids to get new clothes.

The HOPE club has been overwhelmed with generous donations, so they are not accepting new clothes at this time. Instead, they are encouraging all kids to check out the store and shop! As the club senses different needs in the school community, they will reach out for donations of gently used items. The HOPE club looks forward to opening the doors of the Sunshine Shop for the first time next Tuesday, January 10th. See you there!