Battle of the books  students

March 13, 2023

We just arrived back from the competition and we are incredibly proud of our students' performance!  In the first round of competition, our team of four lost against the much larger North Warren team by just two questions.

In the second round, we went head to head with a team of ten from Queensbury and lost by one question.

Our proudest moment, however, came during the very first round after there was a discrepancy in the score.  The facilitator had accidentally given credit to our team after we answered the question incorrectly.  When it was addressed, the facilitator asked our team how they wished to settle the issue.  They were given the choice of answering a different question and our team stated that they answered the initial question incorrectly and therefore did not deserve a do-over.  To say that all in the room were extremely impressed would be an understatement.  

It has been a pleasure working with these students since October on this initiative. They read ten novels and answered very specific and precise questions in a high stress environment.  They were committed and gave up lunch and recess with friends on Mondays in order for us to meet.  What an honor it was for our coaches to work with them.

Katrina, Bri and Linda 

Book battle: Local elementary students put reading skills to test