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Concussion Management Policy

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1. Spectators are an important part of the games and are encouraged to conform to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.

2. Spectators should at all times respect officials, visiting coaches, players, and cheerleaders as guests in the community and extend all courtesies to them.

3. Enthusiastic cheering for one’s own team is encouraged.

4. Booing, whistling, stamping of the feet and disrespectful remarks shall be avoided.

5. There will be no ringing of bells, sounding of horns, or other noisemakers at indoor contests during play.  Anyone who does not abide by this rule will be asked to leave the premises.

6. Pep bands or school bands, under the supervision of school personnel, may play during time outs, between periods, or at halftime.  Bands must coordinate their play so as not to interfere with a cheerleading squad on the floor or field.

7. The throwing of debris, confetti, or other objects from the stands is prohibited.  Offending individuals will be asked to leave the premises.

8. During a free throw in basketball, all courtesies should be extended.

9. Spectators should encourage each other to observe courteous behavior.  Improper behavior should be reported to school authorities.

10. Spectators will observe the rules of the local school concerning smoking, food & drink consumption, littering, and parking procedures.

11. Spectators will respect and obey all school officials and supervisors at athletic contests.

(Adopted by Section II Athletic Council, June 1990)